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A lot of times, clients begin their remodeling process by appointing many quotes from many different contractors. In reality, the process should be to choose the right contractor. There is a certain set of criteria you should look out for to protect yourselves and your home. We’re going to give you a list of 9 things to keep an eye out on when you’re checking a general contractor:

License :

Make sure the contractor has his own license. It depends on what state you are in, but if you live in California you can view a contractor’s license by going to

Insurance :

A good contractor should always have a liability insurance policy. This is just in the case of any employees getting injured at your home while working.

Beware of Mechanics Lien Laws :

If the contractor doesn’t receive his payment, the contractor can file a lien against your home. (A lien basically means that somebody can keep a possession of yours until your pay debt). And if the contractor doesn’t give the sub-contractor his earnings, then the sub-contractor can also file a lien against your belongings.

References :

Ask for sources! It’s a good way of knowing if contractor are trustworthy if they show you past projects.

Getting an Estimate :

Have your contractor sit and talk about in detail, the amount of work on the project. From looking at the workplace, the contractor should have a good estimate of what it will take to accomplish what you’re looking for.

Ethics :

Don’t underestimate the value of a contractors’ work integrity. A pro contractor will priorities his clients’ interests. Selecting an authentic contractor is always cheaper than a fraudulent one. Be attentive of an originally meager cost. An unrighteous contractor will start slipping in additional funds that were not mentioned in the initial Estimate.

Communication :

During your first meeting with the contractor, an essential personality trait to ask yourself about is how he/she interacts with you. Ask yourself... Can I work with this contractor? Do I clearly understand what the plan is? Does he realize what I want and need? Frequently, it usually pays off to employ a contractor that has a greater price if he/she does a amazing job at interacting with you. The better interactions, the better your finished project will look .

Evaluating the bid :

Always evade small sum bids! These bids are meant to cover the real price of the project. A detailed bid with the labor and material shown side by side is the best option. The detailed bid should definitely present the work that the homeowner has asked for and the costs needed by the contractor to hand over.

Payment Schedule:

Ask that the contractor puts a payment schedule that is reasonable and matches with the stages in completion schedule. You want to pay the funds as soon as the advancement of work occurs. A reasonable payment system

should be consulted and agreed on with the contractor before the start of your project. A topic that you should always touch on is the purchasing such as, cabinets and other large items. For big purchases you can negotiate to release more so your contractor can buy them. If you want to learn more about hiring a general contractor you can also

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