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Client Comment
L08/21/2013 – Dylan Zorea
It was great. They were just very helpful and accommodating. The work was high quality. Everything went very smoothly.
Description of work:
I used Corona Handyman Services for ceramic tile installation.

About this PROJECT.

We at Imagine Unique Construction possess the requisites, knowledge, and experiences to fulfill all of your bathroom remodeling needs. Furthermore, we are equipped to handle every facet of bathroom remodeling.
Remodeling a bathroom is an excellent way to improve the aesthetic of a home, raise the property value, and gain more aesthetic enjoyment out of the room altogether. It can be a custom luxury bathroom, a budget-friendly, or practical upgrade.


To Remodeling a Kitchen or Bathroom it takes some time to find the perfect finish materials and knowledge to make an accurate finish so that the Kitchen or Bathroom looks great & pretty ready to enjoy with you Family.


Planning to remodel a kitchen or a bathroom is the projects that most need our attention and effort because they are the places where we use the most time as a Family which we have to enjoy to the maximum, it takes a few weeks of planning and decide the design and finish desire, with our knowledge and experience in this kind of projects we try to make it easier and stress-free for you.


As the Project Manager, I like to work as a team with our clients to decide what is the best for the project and that way your Bath/Kitchen looks Unique.


Our team of workers has training and experience in each of our projects, in this case, TILE, WATERPROOFING, ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING, FINISHING for the satisfaction & happiness of our clients.


Using the right materials and taking our time in realizing and guaranteeing our work which fills us with satisfaction so that you as a client can trust in Imagine Unique Construction.